Powerday & Weener Energie

Across the whole of Europe suppliers and processors of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) are looking for each other. Cores helps to bring these parties together, just like the English Powerday Waste & Recycling and the German power plant Weener Energie. Then once the contracts are signed? That’s when the real work starts.

Powerday Waste & Recycling

Powerday Waste & Recycling Centre is a big name in Southern England in the field of recycling and waste management. Founder Mick Crossan developed the family company into a prominent waste management provider with over 200 employees, a collection service and two recycling locations: Old Oak Sidings in North-West London and the brand new Enfield in Northern London. Almost two million tons of construction and demolition waste, domestic waste and industrial waste is permitted to be professionally recycled and processed. The mission: 100% recovery from waste with 24/7 operation.

"Our ambition is to be one of the main players in RDF in the end and one of our main partners to realise that is Cores"

Jim Craig

The right relationships, fixed prices

In the market, Powerday is well known as a progressive and innovative company. In the UK, the recycling industry has only started to develop over the last few years and Powerday is leading in this development. Due to enormous expansion over the last few years, Powerday has a great need for competitive channels at home and abroad, for depositing their RDF which is residual after their sorting-process. In 2013, they approached Cores for help with this. The result was a long term contract for the delivery of annual 45.000 tons of RDF to Weener Energy and to WAE Edersleben in Germany. Cores did not just connect the parties, but also helped them with the negotiations and drafting the contracts.

Fulfilling ambitions together

Jim Craig is the commercial director of Powerday. He is responsible for every contract that Powerday signs; from the contracts concerning outlets for the different residue streams to the contracts dealing with the construction of the new installation at Enfield. From the beginning Jim has had intensive contact with Cores: “Our ambition is to be one of the main players in RDF in the end and one of our main partners to realise that is Cores. Paul Cobelens has good working relationships with the German and UK environment agencies, which is very helpful in sorting out issues or problems. My experience with Cores is very, very good.

Transport & Logistics

Meanwhile, Cores coordinates the entire logistics, such as the export licences and the registering of transport. Jim Craig: "Paul also takes care of the transport between the UK and Germany. These transport companies are from Poland, Austria et cetera. He deals with all the shipment paper work from beginning to end, so all we have to do is print them out. In fact, he does all the main work." Jim is exceptionally satisfied regarding the collaboration with Cores: "Excellent service, not just Paul, but all the people in his company. The whole attitude is very professional. User friendly, always available, any issue will be sorted out. They go beyond what is reasonably required!"

Weener Energie

Weener Energie is part of the Klingele Group, a European enterprise in sustainable (corrugated cardboard) packaging. Weener Energie provides the heating and electricity for the paper factory in Weener. The power plant runs on secondary fuels such as RDF and thereby replaces about 32 million cubic metres of natural gas and primary energy. Consequently, the CO2- emission is reduced by 55.000 tons a year: a significant contribution to the protection of the environment.

"Cores is al reliable partner, because they always offer material which fits our quality needs."

Karin Hillbrands
Weener Energie

A reliable partner

Karin Hillbrands is responsible for the purchase of renewable fuels for the energy recovery plant. As the plant runs entirely on these, she follows the developments in the RDF market with a close eye: "The RDF-market is always changing. There will be new markets for waste import and export in the future and existing markets will change. New burning capacities will be built, especially in the UK and this will change the amount of exported waste." Reliable partners are essential in this changing market. There is a good reason why the relationship with Cores goes back 10 years. Karin: "It's important for us to have long lasting business partnerships. We know the people of Cores for years and share a similar point of view regarding reliability, reachability and the market."

Quality and flexibility

Cores has brought Weener Energy in contact with two suppliers from the UK. Both parties have signed a long term contract for the delivery of RDF. Quality is therefore crucial. Karin: "The quality of RDF is most important for us. Cores is a reliable partner, because they always offer material which fits our quality needs." Her colleague Natascha Schieferstein adds: "It's also important to have a proportional supply as we don’t have huge storage possibilities. Cores does the planning, the orders, the trailers and all the contacts with the English suppliers and the authorities. We discuss the daily amount of trailers regularly and Cores is always willing to change the system to make it even better for us."

Paul Cobelens,
Director, Cores Environment BV
Paul Cobelens

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