Cores works with companies, institutions, local authorities and processors in the waste sector (business to business)

and focuses on various industries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Turkey and Asia (among others). Cores wants to work with various parties in the European market, especially with suppliers of waste recycling technologies and waste companies, to market proven or new recycling concepts outside the Netherlands and to trade waste and biofuels.

Cores focuses on the following sectors when it comes to marketing waste streams:

  • Industry, recycling
  • Rubber and plastics manufacturing sector
  • Glass sector
  • Sand lime sector
  • Energy
  • Cement sector
  • Food
  • Recycling wood sector
  • Electronics sector
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Chipboard sector
  • Paper recycling sector

The Netherlands is centrally located in Western Europe and its recycling infrastructure for recycling is well-developed. This allows the Netherlands to take a leading role in the field of recycling and alternative fuels in Europe.

Paul Cobelens,
Director, Cores Environment BV
Paul Cobelens

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