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Cores is specialised in worldwide commercialisation and distribution of waste materials, raw materials and alternative fuels to approved and reliable processors all over the globe. We find the right match between the suppliers and processors and bring them together. However, it doesn’t stop just there. We organise planning, logistics, permits and the required communication and paperwork with the authorities regarding shipments. We completely take care of our customers and constantly maintain its quality. There is a lot involved and it is up to us to entirely unburden our customers from A to Z.

Waste from London supplies district heating in Västerås

Cores brought Street Fuel Ltd from the United Kingdom and EFO AB in Sweden together. Since then a ship containing 3,000 tons of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) leaves London every month destined for an energy recovery plant in Sweden that takes care of district heating for the city of Västerås, close to Stockholm.

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"Working with Cores is quite easy. Always a quick response."

Märten Eriksson

It's all about trust

Reliability and stability are invaluable. Quality, permits, payments, everything has to be in order. We have more than 25 years of knowledge and experiences in all the disciplines of the waste management sector. Our customers can rely on that. We know the market, are watching the future, anticipate and advise with a focus on developments and trends. That’s why we have gained trust. Not only on board level, but also on the shop floor. Because our customers recognise we know what we are talking about and because we arrange it accordingly.

Looking for the connection

We know the way internationally. Legislation for instance differs per country. The same goes for the way to do business. We appreciate these differences and easily manoeuvre accordingly. The world of waste processing is not enormous, but there are very big companies active in the market. We prefer to collaborate with medium sized organisation, often family businesses where personal attention is of great importance. You can build real, long term relationships and you can come to quick decisions with each other. That’s exactly the way we do business. And our customers appreciate this.

Powerday & Weener Energie

Suppliers and processors of RDF are looking for each other across the whole of Europe. Cores helps to bring these parties together. For instance, the English Powerday Waste & Recycling and the German power plant Weener Energie. And once the contracts are signed? The real work starts.

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Optimising recycling processes- and installations

We always want a tour at the facility in order to chart the processes. We can then ensure that what we deliver is the optimal solution and consider how to make improvements. Also we help to think on how to improve these processes. By fine-tuning these, a lot of money can often be saved. There is always an opportunity to separate even more. Every waste stream can be processed in the market. Technically or logistically, we have knowledge of the possibilities. With that, we truly can help our customers.

Developing and improving recycling concepts

Adding value to waste. That’s what it is all about. Cores is continuously looking for new applications and concepts for recycling and the use of waste streams across Europe. We are currently conducting several pilot schemes in the Netherlands. Residual waste is not burned there, but processed by a very advanced sorting facility. It is a waste of resources when wood and other renewable materials from e.g. construction and demolition waste are burned. They can be re-used profitably.

Everything can be recycled

Due to years of experience, Cores delivers a solution for every kind of waste. Tens of thousands of rock wool mats originating from growers in Middenmeer are reprocessed by Sortiva. Subsequently, they are brought to a brick factory in the United Kingdom, which mix the rock wool granulate into the clay and other raw materials in order to produce a beautiful English brick. The foam of disposed matrasses can be used as raw material for carpet underlay or insulation material.

Logistics are at least as important

Cores distinguishes itself by considering together all the aspects. Sometimes the solution is in the logistics. Transport is done by road, but since the trucks all use the same ferries to come to mainland Europe, this results in congestion at the loading bays. All trucks arrive at approximately the same time. Therefore, Cores has created a solution whereby the material is already unloaded at the port in order to spread the RDF equally across the bunkers. That is added value that customers can use. That's where the relationships start.

Cross connections

Our network is expanding and Europe is becoming smaller. We are therefore continuously establishing cross connections. In the Netherlands we have already embraced sustainability and above all organised and regulated everything accordingly. However, in the UK market there still is a lot in motion. There is a lot changing in Eastern Europe as well. Sometimes the waste is not to be shifted and then, once again there are not enough channels for depositing. At the same time quality control becomes stricter and the European legislation is becoming increasingly more stringent. It is also important to develop relationships with the relevant authorities. Our customers are happy to trust us with this.

Paul Cobelens,
Director, Cores Environment BV
Paul Cobelens

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